Destroying Squares on Canvas

今回の展示作品《Destroying Squares on Canvas》は物質と時間とそれに関わる人間の意識がテーマです。

武蔵野美術大学美術館図書館2015年発行の図録 「KOICHI ONO A RETROSPECTIVE」から抜粋転載。

The theme of Destroying Squares on Canvas, which are included in this exhibition, is material, time, and the human consciousness involved there.
The squares composed of layers of pigment placed on the canvas are destroyed by graphite or color pencil according to the designated time of one, two, or three minutes.
My act at a designated moment and the material that transforms through that act are fixed onto the canvas as a work.
The process of a work being produced is traced back by the viewer.
However, another point that is just as important to me is that despite being destroyed through my action, the squares composed of thick layers of pigment elaborately produced on the canvas are a metaphor of the bedrock in that prehistoric cave.
Therefore, the essence of this work, though it may not appear to be a painting at first sight, is painting itself.
When the work is completed and hung on the wall, l hope that the plane will appear in front of me(us) presenting itself as a plane.

Passage extracted from the catalogue KOICHI ONO: A RETROSPECTIVE, published by Musashino Art University Museum & Library 2015

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